European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies

EUSSET – An Introduction

IT artifacts pervade almost all aspects of our daily lives, so much so that almost all our day-to-day practices involve interaction with them.

A radical re-thinking of the computing field which recognizes the complex relationship between system and practicehas been slowly gathering momentum over the past quarter century, and emphasis is now shifting from an exclusive concern with hardware and software to aspects of the human, social, and organizational contexts within which information and communication technologies are both being designed and used. The design of innovative IT artifacts needs to be understood as relying upon, interacting with, and challenging given social practices.

These shifts imply a radical approach to methodology, one which is fundamentally interdisciplinary. The most important contributions to this developing understanding draw on psychology, sociology, management science, and information systems research as well as the more traditional computer science and engineering approaches. The issues at hand are vibrant and substantive and have profound implications for the research paradigm in many fields of applied computer science.

The EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to scholars for outstanding contributions to the reorientation of the computing field. This award recognizes the very best work in shaping the field. It is given for a lifetime of innovation and leadership and is honored with 5,000 Euro. The criteria for selecting the award winner are:

  • Cumulative contributions to the field,
  • Influence on the work of others,
  • Development of new research directions.
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